Svetozar Raspopovič

AS Restaurant

AS Restaurant, which ever since the end of the nineties has been a pillar of Ljubljana’s culinary scene. Its unique dishes and outstanding wine list continually remind guests that some things in life are there to be truly relished.

Ever since Dutovlje in the Karst region, where Svetozar “Pope” Raspopović first served guests seafood pasta and fragrant Karst wine at the end of the eighties, switched location to the centre of Ljubljana, light Mediterranean cuisine has become an integral part of the best of what the capital has to offer. The restaurant, which right from the start has pulsed with the Raspopović family lifeblood, has become a location where guests keep returning for the cultivated and light food, for the aroma of fresh herbs and a bottle of Pope’s wine, and for the unique blend of Italian authenticity and cosmopolitan sophistication. The philosophy? Simple but high-quality ingredients. The method? A hospitality that is comfortable in prestigious yet agreeably home-like surroundings. The difference? Passion – without this, there is no AS.

Fabricio Vežnaver

Pergola, Zambratija

Restaurant Pergola has been named by an amazing pergola, that is welcoming guest in front of the restaurant, which is a part of a family tradition of the owner and chef master Fabricio Vežnaver since 1996. They are inspired by old local recipes, approach them in a completely new and creative way. A restaurant offer is based on delights from sea, although, plates are enriched by traditional flavour.

Tadej Gašparin

Restavracija Pikol

Restaurant Pikol, where sea bass carpaccio found his home.

It was in 1983, when Gašpain prepared for the first time sea bass carpaccio. Rawly fishes where at that time quite taboo, but Gašparin “cooked” thin slices of sea bass in a juice of citrus fruits. Dish, that has become a unique trademark of Pikol. “Cult” is on a menu for over 35 years and almost everyone would like to taste it. Many of them also twice: as a appetizer and as a final touch.

Restaurant is owned by family Gašparin, and the whole family was growing and learning with Pikol. Father Boris, mother Maruška came in Pikol as young couple as guests. They bought it, made some rearranges and opened in 1980, offering guests on hand sliced prosciutto, grilled food, trout, snails, frogs' legs and limited wine selection. Today the lead of Pikol are taking both sons Tadej and Taras, who were playing, growing and learning in Pikol.

Tomaž Bevčič


Story of Rizibizi is a culinaric tale of expert Janko Franetič and the award winnig Tomaž Bevčič. Together they will try to satisfy every guest, and also with innovative combinations of colours, scents and flavours to surprise the most demanding gourmets. To explore and enjoy in their delights you will need to take some time.

Tomaž Kavčič

Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Zemono

The gastronomic offer at Gostilna pri Lojzetu is now being designed by the fourth generation. Chef Tomaž Kavčič is Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and Le Soste, in addition to being a member of the international gastronomic association. He is also the first and long-time president of the Slovenian section of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe and the winner of the

For a short amount of time he was seduced by the trendy molecular cuisine, but he quickly returned to author's cuisine, innovations, and – tradition. He loves his Vipava Valley, so he proudly shows it off - on a plate. Every single dish in the restaurant is enveloped with the rich local tradition. Each dish is first envisioned in his head, then it is boldly tested on the kitchen floor, but the final verdict always belongs to the guests.