Why is Carpaccio story something so special and so different?

Because, guest will be able to admire, for the first time, the preparation of magnificent rawly work of art, that is available in many Slovenian and other global well known restaurants. And at least taste it.

Guest will be treated with different version of speciality of Carpaccio by five master chefs: Tomaž Kavčič (Gostilna pri Lojzetu – Zemono), Tadej Gašparin (Pikol), Svetozar Raspopović (Restavracija AS), Fabricio Vežnaver (Pergola) in Tomaž Bevčič (Rizibizi). On plates is about to regin a great pallete of carpaccio as tuna, duck and trout carpaccio, and also donkey carpaccio, and as well sea bass carpaccio, that was awarded with a flattering title as a best plate in Alpe Adria region (Best Gourmet).

Ticket fee: 35 €

Tickets are avaiable at:
- Snack bar, Istrska cesta 67, 6000 Koper
- or online form (please fill it below)